Hey i'm Shadow.

Female. 21. Gamer.
I write.
I make videos sometimes.
I will most likely post something REALLY clever every so often.
Or just say something weird.
Depends on my mood.

My goal is to make Xemora [Xemnas/Sora pairing] a ship.
A nice, beautiful, ship. I will be proud when that day comes.



Key Guns

Dating all the way back to at least the 17th century, there has been evidence of key guns used by jailers. The keys were filled with gun powder to create a primitive gun that could be detonated if there was any trouble when opening a cell door.



"[The] women that I portray in my art are all around, but society sees them as almost invisible.”

This is how David James, the Trinidadian mind behind BBW Art, explains his work. The portfolio is a stunning showcase of the beauty and versatility of curvy women.